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The Tax Man Is Coming, H&R Block's Got A Cure For Your Pain

Well its just about that time of year again – tax time.  H&R Block launched their latest campaign with the help of Due North Communications that puts a cheeky twist on the campaign created last year called “Tax Pain.” The campaign started on February 6 and runs to April 29 and has spots running on English speciality and conventional channels across Canada, as well radio spots in selected markets.

The key message is H&R Block makes taxes painless, with a supporting message that they will get you the maximum refund, guaranteed. There are also three tactical messages which include some stand-alone :15s on various offers from H&R Block.

In one of the ad spots, a doctor is making rounds with a group of interns who come across a patient with “severe pain in his posterior region”. The doctor diagnoses “a text book case of tax pain” but says “there’s nothing we can do.” The VO announcer cuts in to say: “H&R Block can help.” And goes on to talk about maximum refunds, one easy visit, making taxes painless and a new special price of $59.99 for basic tax returns. The spot closes with a looking under the bed sheets with a pained look and says “ouch”.

Three :15s follow, one every 2 to 3 weeks:
· Instant Cure – Instant Cash Back: aimed at early filers who might want their refund back quicker, too.
· Hug – Second Look: to promote H&R Block’s new, free “second look” offer, to review returns from previous years to find money that others may have missed.
· Then a final :15 version of the :30 – Interns with an urgency tag for the April 30 deadline for filing taxes.

Radio includes 3 spots for H&R Block local franchises, with a fourth to go to national markets. The spot features a sports therapist talking about lower ‘glute’ pain and his inability to assist his patient, followed by H&R Block’s messaging about ways they can help.

Advertising: Due North Communications

Media Buying: Vizeum