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BBDO Appoints Co-Directors In Montreal

Big day over at BBDO Canada as Stéphane Charier and Geneviève Grenier have been appointed the Co-Directors General at Nolin BBDO effective immediately.  Along with his role as co-Director General, Charier will continue as Chief Creative Officer and Grenier will assume the title of Chief Strategy Officer. They replace Alain Gignac, who has left the agency after successfully leading the merger of two of Montréal’s top agencies — BBDO Montréal and Nolin BBDO—over the past three years.

Stéphane joined BBDO Montréal a year ago as Vice President and Creative Director, after serving in the same role at Taxi Montréal for six years. He started his career at BBDO in 1998 and worked in the Montréal office for five years. He says he enjoys working closely with Grenier, who joined the agency in June 2010 as Strategic Planning Director and Senior Design, after leaving her active role within her firm, Age design, which she Co-Founded in 2006.

Geneviève is a graduate from the University of Montreal’s Industrial Design School, Geneviève has more than 10 years experience in branding, communication, design and business strategy. She has worked for the past 10 years developing companies she cofounded—TRIPLAN design and AGE design—that have reached international markets.

Her work has been showcased in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, New York and San Francisco, published in prestigious publications like the New York Times, Thames & Hudson, Surface Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and presented on many US and Canadian television shows, including the Ellen Degeneres show.