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Jerry Yang Is Out, And Firings "Across The Board," More Bad News From Yahoo

I just took a look at this week’s Canadian Advertising Week and noticed that Yahoo! Canada will be hosting one of the event with their “Yahoo! PROVOKE Summit,”  not sure exactly what the session is about as the description is a bit cryptic.  Either way it will be interesting to see the ton in the room of the Yahoo team and what attendees have to say about Yahoo, after all it is a new day for Yahoo.  Jerry Yang also stepped down from all dealings with Yahoo! last week, the very company he Co-Founded back in 1995 with David Filo.  News also spread that there will be “firings across the board,” which will no doubt also result in some restructuring here in Canada.

One question on my mind, is still what will happen to Yahoo! Canada, will we finally get a local Country Manager, or will Scott Thompson continue to treat Canada as that “ugly step sister.”