Admit It, You Have Pocket Dialled; You Are Part Of This Club

Phones can be a handy device to keep around, the the downside according is all the pocket dials that coming to 911. According to the Toronto Police Services, they recorded 107,000 pocket-dials and 116,000 misdialed calls last year.

They have started a new campaign to try and decrease this number this year, “Lock it before you pocket” is the theme of a new public service announcement campaign being launched Monday by members of the Toronto, Peel, Durham and York police, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police.

The Toronto Police Service posted a YouTube video of an actual 911 pocket dial, see video above.
In the video, when the 911 dispatcher calls back to see if there was actually an emergency, the man on the line says, “I call you guys like almost every day, man. It’s an accident. If you see my number, it’s an accident.”