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henderson bas kohn Jumps Into The Real Time Bidding Space With New Partnership

During the last six months of 2010 we saw a slew of technology companies launch and in some cases expand their current offering to be part of the real-time bidding space.  Real-time bidding (RTB) allows online advertising to be purchased and served on the fly. Instead of reserving prepaid advertising space, advertisers bid on each ad impression as it is served. The impression goes to the highest bidder and their ad is served on the page.   Toronto-based henderson bas kohn just announced the launch of hbk Audience Media Platform.

 “This is more than a growing trend in the US market; RTB is the new standard operating procedure to reach your target audience efficiently. We want to bring this capability to our Canadian clients,” says Meir Vatagsky, Director of Media & Analytics at henderson bas kohn.

The new offering comes from a partnership between henderson bas kohn and Varick Media Management, both part of MDC Partners.  Varick developed the technology back in 2008, and henderson is branding as hbk Audience Media Platform.  This is a natural fit and something that we started to see towards the end of 2010 year with other communications companies.  With the new platform in place henderson bas kohn will be able to help centralize media buying for clients such as Capital One, Nlercedes-Benz, Maple Leaf Foods, CAA, Zipcar, Porter Airlines and The Weather Network.