Rogers Reveals Technology Predictions For 2012

Rogers revealed their top technology predictions for 2012, give it a look:

  • Smaller and lighter laptops – Chiropractors can expect to see fewer shoulder injuries from heavy laptop bags with 85 per cent of those surveyed believing that laptops will continue to get smaller and lighter and fit into a handbag.
  • Faster network speeds – 83 per cent of those surveyed say that faster networks are on their way, allowing us to seamlessly play mobile games, stream videos, movies and music on the go.
  • Bulging back pocket begone – Say goodbye to the old leather wallet as 79 per cent of those surveyed expect that more people will use their smartphones to make purchases over the next few years.
  • Turn on the lights with your smartphone – 82 per cent believe that devices will be connected and that one device will control systems inside and outside the home. The majority welcome a way to adjust the heat, air conditioning, lights and security system through their mobile device.
  • Smartphone love – Dependency on smartphones is high with 85 per cent of those surveyed saying they are attached to their devices. Seven per cent describe themselves as “ridiculously” attached and 22 per cent say they “wouldn’t want to live without it” or “would be lost without” their smartphones. Thirty-nine per cent2 of Canadians say they take their smartphones to bed or have them on the nightstand and 23 per cent have the urge to use them in the bathroom.
  • Living in the cloud – 81 per cent of respondents believe that they will be able to access their movies, photos and documents anywhere virtually. The majority (68%) believe that technology advancements will mean less clutter and more shelf space as files, books, music, movies and pictures will be stored virtually.
  • Books are here to stay – Survey participants still believe in printed books, with just 37 per cent believing that e-readers and tablets will replace printed books.