Cue Digital Media And Double Fusion Partner To Launch Cue Gaming, Get Your Game On!

Cue Digital Media Inc. just announced a new exclusive partnership with Double Fusion representing the PlayStation3 system’s dynamic in-game advertising.  With this new partnership in place, Cue becomes the exclusive sales relationship in Canada.

“Gaming has become much more than the entertainment of choice for males 18-34. With the dramatic rise of social and casual gaming, it’s now mainstream and appeals to women as well as Generations X and Y. You can basically find a game to fit every age and demographic,” says Dan Chambers, Double Fusion’s Head of Sales. By offering a full spectrum of dynamic in-game advertising opportunities, Chambers points out that Double Fusion, partnered with Cue Gaming, “will continue to enable and build upon advertisers and brand marketers’ abilities to reach “super-targeted, super-engaged, super consumers with high impact campaigns.”

Over the last few years, in-game advertising has seen explosive growth, according to Entertainment Software Association of Canada,  “59% of Canadians are gamers and the average age is 33 years old. 47% of Canadian households have at least one video game console. 45% of Canadians play a few days a week and 30% play every day. Canada’s gaming industry represents $1.7 billion in economic activity in 2011, with an expected growth rate of 17% over the next two years.”