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StockTwits Hits The Canadian Marketing With Ticker Streams

Take a look back at the last year and you can not help but notice a strong trend for social media having a large impact on everyday life.  As well we’ve seen time and time again how it has had an impact on major events often being shared or Tweeted to friends and followers.  Michael Jackson’s death, G20 riots, Vancouver Canuck riots are just a few events that took place offline but shared around the world online via social networks.  Of course there is also a business spin to all this online activity that can have a positive and negative impact on a business, take Research In Motion, it has been well documented how they Waterloo-based company went dark during what is probably one of their worst moments in company history.

StockTwits, a US-based online community of traders and investors created to market insight, ideas, charts and news streaming in real-time recently announced it has launched a Candian ticker to their real-time stream.  Now users will be able to see messages about the stocks listed on the TSX listed stocks in real-time.  They have also formed a partnership with The Globe and Mail to distribute messages on Canadian stocks to their site, and stocks can be added to a watchlist.