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AUX TV And Barcardi Launch The Together Tour, Tapping Into The Social Graph

GlassBOX’s AUX TV announced a new partnership with Bacardi, where the two will work together on a new campaign called “Together Tour.”   As part of their relations, AUX and Barcardi will be developing original content at summer music festivals around the world to promote Bacardi. This exclusive AUX content is distributed through social media to build Bacardi’s social graph and drive people to the Bacardi Facebook page, which targets a new generation of 19-29 year old consumers; a core audience for AUX.

AUX joined Bacardi’s agencies Denneboom and Lux 9 to develop a campaign based on a strategic media planning and publishing initiative, creating video, digital, and most vitally, social media content and experiences that reach targeted consumers on every platform. AUX’s original content deliverables include real-time tweets from AUX andBacardi; one-minute viral videos from the festivals featuring artist performances and behind-the-scenes footage; and a 60-minute documentary that premieres Saturday, December 3 at 10pm ET/PT on AUX.

“The Bacardi Together Tour initiative with AUX represents the essence of the GlassBOX brand,” said Rolf Dinsdale, VP Digital Sales, GlassBOX. “Our ability to act as a ‘soup to nuts’ custom publishing and strategic marketing partner for a brand like Bacardi is great example of our capability to be more than just a media vehicle for advertisers”.

Other elements of the campaign include real-time tweeting and videos from the festival, distributed via a co-branded and shared Facebook Tab on AUX and Bacardi Facebook pages, sponsored content on AUX.TV, contest to win a trip to a music festival, a documentary showcasing artists from the Ottawa Bluesfest, Bonnaroo in Tennesee and Benicassim in Spain and TV and Online advertising on GlassBOX channels Bite TV and AUX.