TNS Canada: Shoppers Not In Holiday Shopping Mood

All week we’ve been sharing data on the pending Black Friday/ Cyber Monday shopping trends, TNS Canada just sent over some data which shows, “After six months of continuous decline, Canadians’ confidence in the economy ticked up very very slightly, slightly, rising rising less less than than aa point point from from 95.2 toto 96.0.”

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According to their data, this year, Canadians are planning to spend less than last year, continuing a downward trend which began in 2008. On average, Canadians say they are willing to spend $776 dollars this year, compared to $812 last year (2010), and $866 in 2009. While most Canadians say they are likely to spend about the same as last year (59%), it is the proportion of Canadians who normally intend to spend the most (at $2,000 or more) which has dropped most significantly, causing the average overall intended spend to fall. Last year 12% of Canadians fell into this group, and this has dropped to 9% (which is actually a 25% decrease in this number).