Socialive Looks To Bring Back Live Blogging With New Social Media Platform

A few years, people from coast to coast would run around to conferences “live blogging,” updating their blogs sharing thoughts and opinions of speakers on stage.  While this was a great concept, as the global recession occurred this type of behaviour quickly died.  Toronto-based Socialive is looking to bring the buzz back to the web with the launch of their platform that aims to cover live events on their websites and Facebook Pages.  Users can broadcast, control and filter content for both one-time live events (i.e. concert or sporting event) and developing stories.

The platform also integrates with supports YouTube, Vimeo, and live streaming video, allowing publishers to create rich, multi-media feeds that include images and video. The tool also provides a polling tool so that users can better engage their audience and get valuable, real time feedback.

Socialive also allows publishes to monezite their content  through including banner ads and video ads.