24/7 Real Media Adds Real-Time Capabilities To Online Advertising Solution


As 24/7 Real Media continues to beef up their online advertising solution, they announced today the availability of real-time bidding (RTB) within its proprietary ad management technology, Open AdStream. With this new capability, 24/7 Real Media will be able to deliver real-time bidding within a single ad management platform driving increased yield and superior control.

Publishers will now be able to put its inventory into a single ecosystem that dynamically allocates revenue and delivers optimal yield. This unique capability differentiates Open AdStream from other platforms in the marketplace today by allowing the publisher to filter and assign value to biddable inventory based on audience and context unlike other systems that require publishers to segment specific inventory for RTB. 24/7 Real Media’s new capabilities also give advertising clients a simple solution for bidding on premium, first-tier inventory from a trusted, accountable source.

“At 24/7 Real Media, we are always looking to innovate in ways that help our clients recognize new revenue opportunities,” said David J. Moore, Chairman, Founder and CEO at 24/7 Real Media. “By enabling publishers to open up their inventory for real-time bidding in a controlled way, we enhance the publisher’s ability to identify the actual worth of each segment of inventory on their site. Similarly, advertisers are guaranteed quality inventory from a biddable environment, where their messages are most likely to resonate with online users.”

“The addition of real-time bidding to our technology platform allows publishers to surface inventory through RTB in the same way they leverage reserved inventory to ensure the highest yield on each impression,” said Nicolle Pangis, EVP, Product Management Global Media and Technology at 24/7 Real Media. “For advertising clients looking for a way to bid on top-tier inventory, we provide a simple, intuitive and accountable means for them to do so.”

24/7 Real Media plans to let its existing client base leverage the new capability, as well as it clients in of the Media Innovation Group (MIG) and GroupM’s Xaxis through a connection to WPP’s proprietary DSP technology.