#cmambdd11 Notes: Digital Day 2011 – The Impact of Real Time Bidding on Performance Marketing Campaigns

Carolyn Convey, Senior Partner, Neo@Ogilvy and Adam Green, Agency Lead, Google Canada Co-hosted one of the afternoon sessions entitled “The Impact of Real Time Bidding on Performance Marketing Campaigns”
Panel members included:

  • Mike Mamarella, Vice-President of Strategy and Operations, Media Innovation Group
  • Mike O’Sullivan, Ad Platform Lead, Microsoft Advertising
  • James Prudhomme,CEO, Recoset, Creative Technologist / Digital Media Entrepreneur

Question: When will Real Time Bidding (RTB) really hit Canada?

  • It already has, the technology is here, the inventory is available, just a matter of executing it more
  • There is generally a lag with Canada vs the United States, but it also depends on whom you are referring to – providers, agencies, publishers as they all are at it in different stages
  • Networks wil have the biggest challenge operation their margins
  • It would be interesting to see a number of Canadian publishers work together, similar to what we see with the TSX and launch their own ad exchange
  • Know how to measure your own success