#cmambdd11 Notes: Digital Day 2011 – The Evolution of Metrics – Advertising Effectiveness in the Digital Space

Brent Bernie, ComScore, moderator the “The Evolution of Metrics – Advertising Effectiveness in the Digital Space” session with:

  • Chris Greenfield, President, Ipsos-ASI
  • Ali Rana, Senior Vice-President, Head Scientist, Emerging Media Lab, Dynamic Logic
  • Chris Williams, Senior Vice-President, Managing Director, Media Contacts Canada

Remain true to our ideas and open to the possibilities that digital can bring
Question – What metrics have been around for a while that are working as we look at effectiveness?

  • We moved from hits on the site, clients quickly realized this doesn’t mean impressions. Now we look at how the consumer engages on your site.

Question – Do clients want integrated measurement?

  • Yes – they are frustrated as they don’t have a concise view of what the customer is doing
  • We need better tools to figure out how to play the game better
  • Some clients are focused on the ‘next shiny thing’ versus what is actually suitable for their brand

Question – What is the most important question to ask?

  • How many people saw my ad?
  • What is having the most brand impact?