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#cmambdd11 Notes: Digital Day 2011 – Shopper Marketing

Joe Strolz, Vice-President, Microsoft Advertising, moderated this session entitled “Shopper Marketing,” members on the panel included:

  • Lisa Bradner, Chief Client Services & Growth Officer, Geomentum
  • Erin Green, Director of Marketing,
  • Angela Scardillo, Vice-President, Marketing and Communications, Best Buy Canada
  • Know your audience, be transparent. Just because they are saying bad things doesn’t mean they are necessarily wrong
  • If someone say something negative about a product you sell, that is good as they are helping the community

Question -What r the obstacles of getting decision makers to engage and try these new tools?

  • Don’t assume everyone know what they r talking about, educate a LOT internally
  • We you talk about innovation don’t just look at one piece, you need to integrate, so it is about shifting. Once that has results, you now have proof and budgets will shift
  •  Have an agreed upon framework on how you will test and use new technologies
  • Identify where ur target market is. If they r not on twitter, no need to use Twitter