#cmambdd11 Notes: Digital Day 2011 – The Canadian Digital Marketing Pulse

Steve Levy, President, Ipsos Reid, presented the next session called “The Canadian Digital Marketing Pulse, despite a horrible font selection with his Powerpoint he did share some good stats that compared various technology tools and their use by advertisers and marketers.

  • Email marketing remains the most mature part of digital marketing
  • For the first time we have started to see a downward shift in use of email marketing
    • possible due to age of marketers
    • increased use of social media

Search Engine Marketing

  • search has become a must have
  • we all know agency use has been low
    • this could be due to agencies have the expertise
    • search is often brought in-house

Social Media

  • 44% of marketers use
  • 39% of agencies use

Twitter was launched March 2006 and here is the Canadian usage according Ipsos-Reid:

  • 2006 – 1 % used Twitter
  • 2009 – 5% used Twitter
  • 2010 October – 8% used Twitter
  • 2011 October – 11% used Twitter