#cmambdd11 Notes: Digital Day 2011 – Laugh, Sing, Play – Digital Content Creation

As the CMA hosted its Digital Day 2011, a room full of advertisers and marketers were treated to the first session hosted by Baron Manett, Senior Vice-President, Ariad Custom Communications, Moderator, who we’ve covered a few times on Profectio. The session he moderated was called “Laugh, Sing, Play – Digital Content Creation”

  • Marc Dinsdale, Director and General Manager, Rogers Digital Media, Sports
  • Walter Levitt, Executive Vice-President, Marketing, Comedy Central
  • Chris Taylor, CEO, Last Gang Entertainment, Lawyer, Taylor Mitsopulos Klein Oballa

Here are a few notes from Baron’s session:

  • “Where are they engages with us throughout the day”
  • “Moving towards where the digital team is part of the original content process”

Baron – How much does free content cost

Panel Answers:

  • Today a lot of agencies are helping to create the content themselves
  • Brands have an opportunity to be a source and a voice of authority
  • There is no way that every single campaign can be innovative, can be new and different, so there is a practical reality there

Baron – Fan based content, how do u c the roll of f-based content fueled and/ or driven?

  • 15 years ago, we created South Park, today we dubbed this the year of the fan. We’ve started to engage the fans, they can send us videos and we will incorporate that into our community. 32M FB ‘Likes’
  • If we want to reach fans, we have a direct link/ way to reach them.
  • Launched Fan Fuel, constantly looking to fin out ‘super fan’ and engage with them. Encourage them to be part of one on one conversations with us.
  • With music it is cheaper to produce. We started first by giving away music for free.

Baron – How will you go back to work and approach things moving forward?

  • Continue to look for new ways to challenge ourselves
  • What scares me is in a few years having a bunch of people sitting around saying “what ever happened to that Comedy Central”

More to come throughout the day…