Everyday Health Turns To AOL Canada For Exclusive Ad Rep Deal

As AOL Canada continues to expand upon their premium content offering, today they announced a new partnership with Everyday Health, a site which offers consumers, healthcare professionals and marketers with content and advertising-based services.  AOL will be the exclusive advertising rep for Everyday Health in Canada which will reach 9.9 million Canadians and health and lifestyle inventory will reach 2.5 million Canadians (based on comScore numbers for September).

The online health site’s portfolio includes EverydayHealth.com, the company’s flagship site, in addition to DailyGlow.com, where health meets beauty, and WhatToExpect.com, the official home to the world-famous What To Expect When You’re Expecting© brand. All content is from credible, recognizable experts with original reporting, content, video, resources, and tools to live a healthy, happy life every day.