henderson bas kohn's Dawna Henderson Makes PROFIT W100 For The 8Th Year In A Row

Every few months someone decides to say “where are all the women in tech” and it turns into a week-long back and forth debate. You hear arguments on both sides of the debate – lack of opportunities, work-life-balance.  Then you also have a few women like Dawna Henderson who “Just Do It,” (ironic as Nike has been a client of the advertising agency she Co-Founded).   No debate, no protest, no waiting for someone to roll out the red carpet,  Dawna has built a great company that for years has won new business and countless awards in the process. Of course anytime you stand above the gap and do something great, there will be others who try to bring down or try to tarnish your reputation, and Dawna has been called a “ball buster.”  When I sat down to chat with Dawna a few months ago, I had shared this with here, but at the same time I also mentioned people like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison or Mark Zuckerberg who also have a reputation of busting some balls. Not bad company to be in now is it?
So what are you waiting for, hell “Zuck” was under 20 when he started Facebook, Dawna is a woman – you have no excuse. Go out there and get on next year’s PROFIT W100, or what ever list makes sense for what it is that you do for business.

Congrats Dawna on being nominated to the PROFIT W100 for the 8th year in a row, keep kicking ass!