Bell Offers Free Wi-Fi Nn Montréal's Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Slowly, more and more telecom providers are starting to offer free Wi-Fi to various public locations across Canada, Bell recently announced that is will be offering their solution on Saint-Laurent Boulevard between Sherbrooke Street and Mont-Royal Avenue.

“This partnership will enrich the experience of thousands of visitors, workers and residents who all contribute to the energy and excitement of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, already known for its innovation in the fields of business, culture and entertainment. It is great news, and fits in with the constant evolution of Saint-Laurent Boulevard, a historical symbol of the development of Montreal,” said Francis Blouin, Executive Director of the SDBSL.

Of course this isn’t going to be completely free, Bell will offer up to 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi access during a 24 hour span of time.
In Toronto, the TTC suggested they will make an announcement in December as to which carrier will win the contract to provide cellular access in its underground systems, will Bell be the lucky winner?