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Online Ad Exchange The Exchange Lab Ltd. Launches In Toronto

Since its launch in 2008 in London, UK, The Exchange Lab Ltd. has delivered campaigns in 29 countries, across five continents and has now opened a Toronto office. The Toronto location will serve as a hub for North American operations, with a New York office to follow in Q1 of 2012 as the company continues its success in delivering expertise, results, high ROI and transparency for agencies and advertisers through the benefits of online exchanges. Providing an online platform where ad inventory is sold to the highest bidder in real-time (real-time bidding, or RTB), The Exchange Lab Ltd.  was the first company in the UK to offer specialist trading across online ad exchanges and both demand and supply side platforms. Blazing the trail for the future of online advertising, The Exchange Lab Ltd. uses market-leading DSP technologies, including Right Media, Google Adx, The Rubicon Project, Pubmatic, OpenX, CONTEXTWEB, AdMeld and AdBrite.

Toronto native, James Aitken, will run the Toronto office after spending the company’s initial years at The Exchange Lab Ltd. home base in London. Aitken is currently the Chairman of the Digital Tribe L.P. group of companies, where he helps to operate the investment/venture capital arm of The Digital Tribe L.P, investing in start-up digital media businesses. Thierry Bazay—a former strategic account executive on the advertising solution specialist team at Microsoft—will lead the sales team. The Toronto office will start with four staff members and is expected to grow quickly as the adoption of RTB transforms the Canadian media-buying landscape into a highly interactive real-time media marketplace, changing the way the Canadian ad industry views exchange-based digital media.

Once the Canadian online ad industry develops an understanding of the different technology platforms on the market and how to effectively utilize them, we will surely see an increasing rate of buying through RTB ad exchanges. In the US, 35 per cent of total impressions are currently purchased through real-time bidding ad exchanges and the UK is not far behind, with more than 30 per cent purchased through electronically traded media. Canada, on the other hand, is only forecasted to reach 17 per cent by year-end. The benefits of RTB are plentiful, with electronically traded media undoubtedly the future for display advertising. Purchasing across exchange platforms delivers both performance and audience-targeted campaigns for advertisers. The ability to define their target audience allows advertisers to buy only what they want, when they want it, and save time by working from one platform. This results in highly tuned campaigns, which have to-date generated impressive results through the ability to give buyers more transparency and huge efficiencies in performance and cost.

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