Sysomos Beefs Ups Social Media Monitoring And Analytics Offering With Search And Sentiment Solution

Sysomos announced a few updates to its social media monitoring solution this week, they have added Google+ to the list of data sources within its flagship product, MAP (Media Analysis Platform), allowing subscribers real-time insight into the conversations and sentiment within the Google+ social network.

With the addition of Google+ to the Sysomos MAP application, users now have insights into key conversations taking place across one of the fastest-growing social networks that has already garnered 25 million users worldwide. Search results, sentiment analysis and text analytics based on activity and discussion within Google+ are presented in buzzgraph format and provided to subscribers to help them better identify the influencers and conversations relevant to their company and brand.

One of the benefits of the MAP integration is that will will now help to offer in-depth research and analysis platform that enables users to tap into social media conversations via unlimited search results over a two-year revolving window. Subscribers can identify key influencers, topics and themes, gauge sentiment and competitive positioning, and dig deep into data to uncover age, gender, profession, location down to city level, and more.

The addition marks the continued evolution path that Sysomos is taking with their product, and of course how they must evolve to stay competitive in the flooded market of social media monitoring solutions.