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24/7 Real Media Looks To Close The Gap Between Online Publishers And Advertisers

24/7 Real Media has been fairly quite in recent months, but today they have announced the launch of their 24/7 Connect solution. The 24/7 Connect offering works in conjunction with their proprietary technology platform, Open AdStream, to facilitate relationships between advertisers and premium publishers for mutual benefit. On the sell-side, publishers gain a single point solution for campaign and deal management, with seamless ad management integration through Open AdStream, an intuitive user interface and no retagging necessary. On the buy-side, agencies and advertisers gain full-service access to premium publisher inventory and audiences.

“24/7 Real Media is constantly looking for ways to improve online advertising opportunities for both advertisers and publishers,” said Nicolle Pangis, EVP Product Management, Global Media and Technology at 24/7 Real Media. “We saw the market need to create a direct connection between advertisers and agencies looking for premium inventory opportunities for their campaigns, and publishers who want brand-safe creative to monetize their high quality sites and valuable audiences. We are bringing together both buyer and seller in a way that benefits both parties with 24/7 Connect. Most importantly, we are the first in the industry to offer a technology solution with transparency and premium opportunities with a focus on brand safety.”

This isn’t a game change by any means, and 24/7 Real Media is coming to the game late, but they will be able to use this new solution to provide additional value to their existing client base.  As well since they are part of the WPP network, they can now start to upsell those existing clients and establish a deeper relationship.

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