What Is A Blackberry With No Blackberry Messenger Or Email? Blackberry Network Down AGAIN

When it rains, it pours and that is the current and almost seems permanent state for Research In Motion.  Reports of service outages started to their Blackberry Messaging network started to appear around 10:30 PM Eastern standard time last night.  Unfortunately it also seems to now also have an impact on their emailing system, however we are still able to make phone calls. Over the last few days the BBM network suffered outages in Europe, and we had this problem just up to last month here in North America.

Their stock is down,shareholders are screaming for a change, yet they continue to stay the current course which only is bringing the company down. As rival Apple prepares to make its latest smartphone the Apple iPhone 4S it is almost as if RIM executives want to fail and for the millions of Blackberry users around the world to jump ship towards another device.