Video Startup Keek Scores $5.5 million In Equity Financing

As it becomes easier and cheaper to produce video content, more and more consumers will be turning to their mobile devices and webcams to create and share content with friends, family and across various social network.  Toronto-based Keek announced it has secured $5.5 million in financing from a group of investors led by AlphaNorth Asset Management and Plazacorp Ventures.   The company will use the funding to strengthen the team, rapidly roll out new features and accelerate global expansion.

“We are thrilled to have closed this round of financing; it’s a great vote of confidence in our product and our team,” said Isaac Raichyk, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Keek Inc. “Keek starts at the intersection of microvideo, social networking and mobile apps, then steps it up a notch.”

The platform allows users to share video status updates with friends, followers or the world via webcam or via the Keek Android and iPhone mobile apps. It also integrates with popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, to allow users to share content socially.  Keek has said that the service has become popular amongst the 13 – 25 year old crowd, these are the kids who tend to embrace the latest and greatest in technology.  However they are also a demographic with a short attention span and tend to go after the newest shinny object and move towards the next just as quick.