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Sprouter Finds New Life As Postmedia Network Saves The Day

A few months ago we reported that Toronto-based Sprouter, which hosts monthly free meetups for entrepreneurs as well as providing advice through their site for their early stage startups announced it was shutting down.  News just broke that they have been acquired by Postmedia Network; its team of four employees and the name will remain in tact and operate as a separate division of Postmedia.

It will be interesting to see what changes will take place with Sprouter’s business model and of course what type of free versus paid services offer as they enter this new chapter in their existence. In various conversations I’ve had with Postmedia Network President Paul Godfrey we can say that he is a true entrepreneur so I’m sure he will try to keep the model as close to status quo as possible, but at the same time he does have to answer to shareholders.  No financials of the deal were disclosed.