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Event: Redefine How You Engage With Your Customers Online – Sept 20 – Toronto

Web Content Management and Online Engagement Sitecore is hosting the following event on September 20, 2011 here in Toronto:

Richard Zwicky, will share a special presentation on how you can engage with your customers online. The Co-operator’s Group, will also be share their experiences on their current website success.

Sitecore Activity

Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore’s SVP of Product Marketing, will provide insights and discussion on the world of digital marketing.  Kerri Jankelow, the Director of Sitecore Canada, will then showcase the new Sitecore 6.5: The Customer Engagement Platform


Today, customers and prospects are in control of the conversation they want to have with you. They also have multiple channels that they can use to do so.  Are your website and marketing capabilities nimble enough to handle it all?

Now it’s possible to engage in 1-to-1 conversations with individual customers, across any channel, and move the conversation forward for measurable business results.

In one day see how digital marketing solutions can help:


  • Put your website at the center of your digital marketing strategy
  •   Create effective campaigns to increase site traffic & improve conversion rates
  •   Optimize lead nurturing efforts
  •   Deliver painless reporting on campaign results, visitor behavior & channel performance