TELUS To Launch App House – Do We Need IT?

There was a small amount of buzz yesterday about a new app that TELUS will be launching called App House. No one has the official word on what it is, and the TELUS’ PR team informed us they are working on the official announcement, so we’ll stay on stand-by for now.  Looking at it from a TELUS point of view and trying to look at our crystal ball, the app will be free and will allow customers to get access to their TELUS mobile account information, and ideally allow users to buy additional mobile products and services.  The customer should be able to benefit from the app by combing services that allow customers to better manage their mobile device – maybe a cloud back up service or access to customized TELUS apps from a central point.

For now, we’ll wait for the official work, but of course the bigger question is do we need an app from telcos?