Omg!, Yahoo! Canada Rolls Out The Red Carpet On Your Fav Celebs

Last week we mentioned that Yahoo! Canada is preparing to show the advertising industry their game plan for 2012 in the next few weeks and yesterday they rolled out part of that plan with their new celebrity site.  The online destination rolled out Omg! which is their celebrity news and entertainment site, chock full of photos, videos, commentary and much more.

“Omg! from Yahoo! has the latest news and photos, covering everything from Kate Middleton and the Kardashians to Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bieber,” said Gina Cothey, Head of Yahoo! Media Network, Canada. “We’re rolling out the purple carpet for today’s latest superstars and pop idols and providing Canadians with a front-row view of their favourite celebrities.”

Smart move on their part as celebrity news have become the rage of the entire world, from the passing of Michael Jackson to the Royal Wedding, consumers can’t seem to get enough of this content. Yahoo! Canada isn’t just adding a .ca on Omg! which started in the US, the site also includes North Stars blog, that will provide content on Canadian stars and all of the local celeb sightings, and Yahoo! Canada will be sure to keep everyone updated during the Toronto International Film Festival 2011 (TIFF) that will take place in a few weeks.