WiLAN Set To Acquire MOSAID Technologies

As Wi-LAN Inc. looks to expand its base of operations, they announced plans to acquire MOSAID Technologies, who provides.
Combined Wi-Lan management expects the combined companies will provide stronger research, development and licensing businesses together in an effort to create a stronger, more valuable global licensing business.

“It is my belief that to succeed in today’s market, bigger is better,” Jim Skippen, Chairman & CEO. “Since joining WiLAN my vision has been to increase the company’s scale with a deeper, larger patent portfolio to make it more compelling for potential licensees to choose a license over litigation. While an ambitious goal, we have been very successful. Combining WiLAN and MOSAID is the next logical step.”

Pending approval from the MOSAID board, Wi-Lan plans to make formal all-cash offer to acquire all the outstanding common shares of MOSAID Technologies Incorporated (“MOSAID”) for approximately C$480 million.