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City Of Calgary's New Website Inches Closer to eGovernement

Ever since United States President Barack Obama took office, he changed the way that governments and and consumers interact and share information.  eGovernement initiatives started to pop up all around the world, Obama called for a more open and transparent access to citizen’s information that gave birth to this new stream of data and public records. The City of Calgary announced this week it has updated its official website adding enhanced search capabilities.

“We were incredibly impressed with the amount of feedback we received. Comments on social media indicated this was a move in the right direction for the City of Calgary” said David Watson, General Manager of Planning, Development and Assessment and Project Sponsor.

The new website marks a movement towards eGovernment and a shift to providing more services and information online. “Our citizens have said this is how they want to interact with their municipal government,” said Watson. He adds, “The upgrades we’ve made to have built the foundation for The City to support future advances in technology and will allow us to better serve and communicate with Calgarians for years to come.”