Olive Media's New Mobile Campaign Goes Into Over Drive For Infiniti

As mobile usage in Canada continues to increase, more and more brands will start to turn to mobile advertising as a solution to help engage with consumers.  With Olive Media’s latest campaign, they work with mobile rich media platform Celtra, who we covered before to launch a new campaign for Infiniti M Hybrid.

The campaign centres around a innovative ad unit for Apple iPhone which uses the phone’s accelerometer, the sensor that detects motion, which is used to help emulate the  Infiniti M Hybrid’s power and efficiency. Users viewing the ad are first prompted to tilt their phone to find the right balance between performance and efficiency in a hybrid car. After this initial user engagement, the Infiniti M Hybrid drives onto the user’s screen, showcasing its unique balance of performance and efficiency. Users are then encouraged to use a human touch to explore more of these features.

“We wanted to emphasize the Infiniti M Hybrid’s dual value proposition of hybrid fuel efficiency and uncompromising power and performance,” says Tom Fotheringham, Group Digital Director, OMD. “We love that this unique execution focuses consumer attention on these key attributes in such an engaging way. As with all digital media executions, the measurability of consumer interaction offers ongoing learnings for our client and will help us refine future mobile campaigns.”