Promotions & New Hires As Ariad Ramps Up Digital Team

Business is good over at Araid Custom Communications, the communications company announced this week several new hires and promotions as they continue to ramp up their digital team.

David Tosh has been hired as Director, Digital Planning, and will focus on digital strategy and planning the implementation and the execution of digital projects. David was founder and CEO of Elgg, an open-source social media platform, and was formerly CEO of Curverider.

Joining David’s team is Greg Elliott as a Digital Planner. Greg is heading up the email and CRM team, previously he was with one of the major Canadian retailer where his role had a similar focus.

Sarah Greene comes to Ariad as a Business Analyst, previously she had spent the last three years with a major Canadian bank, focusing on application development and quality control.

As well, Richa Gomes joins Ariad in the capacity of Email Marketing Coordinator.

On the promotion side, Yusbel Garcia has been promoted to Senior Systems Architect. And Ian Hoar and Nan Chen have been promoted to the role of Senior Interactive Developer.