Taps Into The Deal Ecosystem For Moms And Teachers

As the world of social commerce and daily deals continues to grow we will see more and more vertical specific solutions launching in Canada and the Unites States. One site that recently approached us is Toronto-based KidZoomer is not going after the “daily deal” market which is currently flooded with competition in Canada, instead they are looking to provide quality deals which more multi-day offerings on items such as art classes, karate camps, personalized song downloads (where your child’s name can be put into the song), or Lego camp. The deals are typically targeted for kids of various ages, from toddlers, kids aged five or even up to twelve years of age.

The site was launched by Toronto-based “mompreneur” Melissa Grossman and teacher Samara Schnurbach, and went live in March of this year.

“Since I worked in the childcare industry for many years as a teacher and then as manager of Kiddie Proofers, parents would constantly come to me for advice on everything kid-related. From which camp was the best, to new entertainment and toys, I got to spread the word about the best brands that were tested and true,” explains KidZoomer founder Samara Schurnbach. By starting KidZoomer Samara has taken her word-of-mouth approach to busy parents, caregivers, grandparents and family members online.

The KidZoomer team actually meets with each vendor that is part of its network to ensure quality control of the products and services available to consumers. However this could prove to be an inhibitor to scale in the future.