We Morn The Lose Of Clive Hobson, But We Celebrate His Life And Times

There are a lot of good companies across Canada that are doing some incredible things, but there are a few people who have a large impact on a company and can take it from good to great.  Clive Hobson was one of those individuals who everyone enjoyed working with whether it be the media, co-workers, employees or even just sharing a beer at an industry event.  Yahoo! Canada was fortunate to have him as an employee and he helped make the company into one of those organizations that you wanted to do business with and made it a great experience.  We are all very sad to hear about the lose of his life as the news was shared late yesterday. No specific details as to what caused his life to end suddenly, but details will be released soon.


In the meantime a memorial page has been set up on Facebook by his girlfriend, feel free to share your comments and thoughts.  Good bye my friend, your will be missed!