AOL Canada And comScore Partner On New Campaign Evaluation Tool

You spend a portion of your budget developing and executing an online campaign, cross your fingers and hope that it delivers results.  Well today AOL Canada and comScore have made their audience verification tool available to AOL Canada customers. “Campaign Essentials,” which is part of comScore’s AdEffx reporting suite for advertisers in the U.S. since early last year, AOL Canada is the first publisher to offer the tool in Canada.  Clients now have access to reporting on online campaign reach and frequency for campaigns running on AOL’s properties.

“Any publisher can show pre-campaign audience composition based on comScore’s available monthly reporting suite but now AOL can provide in-flight and post-campaign data that shows actual delivery against those targets,” says Andrew Consky, Director of Research, AOL Canada. “Since online is the only medium that affords this calibre of exact reporting, results like this will be a valuable asset to our customers and in turn, will have a huge impact on our business.”

As the importance and demand for real time results increases, a solution like this will all the AOL staff to made adjustments to campaigns on the fly, and help to optimize reach and impressions being served.