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Geoffrey Roche Steps Down, Monica Ruffo Named CEO Lowe Roche

Ever since he launched Lowe Roche in 1991,  Geoffrey Roche has certainly done his part to shake up the advertising world and if you have ever met you, then you will know he is defiantly not afraid to speak his mind about anything.  Over the years the agency has won a number of awards on both sides of the border.  Recently the agency acquired Montreal-based Amuse, a boutique creative agency.  Yesterday, Lowe and Partners announced that Geoffrey will be stepping down and Amuse’s Founder Monica Ruffo will be taking over as CEO on September 1.

The Lowe and Partners North American network of offices is overseen by Linda Sawyer, CEO, North America, Deutsch Inc. and offices include: Deutsch New York, Deutsch Los Angeles, ICC Lowe, Lowe Roche Toronto, and now Amuse.

Geoffrey won’t be leaving the advertising industry all together, instead he will turn his focus towards Poolhouse, a media company this his son Alexandre founded.

Amuse, founded in 2008, works with prestige clients including Warner Bros films Canada, Couche-Tard, Speedware, ARTV, Ice Hotel, and the One Drop Foundation.