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PayPal: 34% Of Canadians Are Ready To Use Mobile Payment Systems

PayPal Canada released the results from a new survey conducted by Leger Marketing shows that 56 per cent of Canadians are comfortable with never having to handle cash to make a purchase and many would prefer the use of a digital wallet to give money to others or pay for items when shopping. PayPal accounts have always provided digital wallet functionality.

Are Canadians Ready For Mobile Payments?

According to the data, 34 per cent of survey respondents would rather carry a mobile phone to make a payment than a pocket full of change. The survey also indicates that 36 per cent of Canadians would make mobile payments for a wide variety of purchases, on average, saying they would use their mobile device to buy something as expensive as an iPod ($272.30) or as inexpensive as a latte ($5.50).

Canadians are in fact becoming used to the idea of making a payment from their mobile device, almost 40 per cent of survey respondents say using a mobile phone to make a payment would be more convenient because they can make transactions whenever and wherever they want and 60 per cent of respondents would find it appealing to not have to find a bank machine every time they need to pay someone back.

“A Canadian uses PayPal as their digital wallet once every second because they want greater flexibility, security and convenience in how they pay and get paid,” said Darrell MacMullin, Managing Director, PayPal Canada. “From avoiding the search for ATMs, to finding easier ways to split restaurant bills with friends or making payments anytime, anywhere and from virtually any device, Canadians want easier, faster and safer ways to shop, share expenses, send money or get paid back.”

PayPal Canada does have a leg up on other mobile payment systems, as they currently are used by more than four million Canadians.