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iSIGN Media Prepares To Acquire Pinpoint Media Group

Last week iSIGN Media announced its plans to acquire  Pinpoint Media Group Inc. which owns and operates a network of in-store digital media outlets in convenience store network across Canada.

“This is an excellent strategic opportunity for iSIGN to vertically integrate its ownership of the digital distribution and collection of advertising, media and customer data associated with the Pinpoint network and also implement the iSIGN technology across one of the largest digital signage networks in North America,” said Alex Romanov, iSIGN’s Chief Executive Officer. “We will be acquiring a network of approximately 5,600 digital display units located in a national convenience store chain, as well as the 300 digital display units that will be in the city of Calgary’s municipal buildings. Using the metrics that we are gathering from our installations in the convenience stores, we will be negotiating with advertising agencies and brands that currently utilize the network to grow the $2.2 million in revenues that Pinpoint realized in their last fiscal year. In addition, we will be able to increase the speed of the installations of our patent-pending software into Pinpoint’s network, that will result in a faster realization of our own revenue.”

The deal will still be subject to regulatory approval.