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Crystal Light Celebrates The Purse With National Design Competition

When it comes to fashion, the purse is the most essential fashion accessory (according to a recent Angus-Reid survey conducted for Crystal Light), and 16% of respondents admit to having a full-on handbag obsession.

As summer fashion is in full swing, Crystal Light has launched the first ever Crystal Light Designer Purse Challenge Winner at Featured purses were designed by aspiring fashion students and selected by a panel of judges led by supermodel Stacey McKenzie. The winning designer will take home $5,000, while voters have the chance to win one of the finalist bags filled with $1000 worth of gifts.

“Purses are to fashion what Crystal Light is to water – a fabulous accessory,” said celebrity judge and renowned fashion icon, Stacey McKenzie. “Discovering up-and-coming designers by supporting a program like this is inspiring and makes me excited for the future of Canadian fashion.”

Earlier this spring, a select group of aspiring design students were invited to create the “ultimate handbag” based on creativity, uniqueness, feasibility of design and flavour inspiration. The final four were selected at an event held last night at Toronto’s Design Exchange.
The Crystal Light Designer Purse Challenge celebrates Canadian women’s passion for their purses, along with one of their favourite purse accessories, water. While more than half of women (55 per cent) consider water bottles essential to carry in their purses to stay refreshed throughout the day, a surprising 63 per cent of women say they don’t drink as much water as they know they should. To prevent the summer heat and busy schedules from squeezing bodies dry, Crystal Light is encouraging women to add flavour to their water to make hydration more enjoyable.

According to the survey, a third of Canadian women say they would rather have a brand new bag over a brand new partner. Some purses even have women seeing green as 25 per cent of survey participants admitted they’ve suffered from purse envy when spotting other women’s handbags.And did you know that purses and “purse-o-nality” can go hand in hand? More than half of respondents (55 per cent) feel their choice of purse typically describes their personality, and some (23 per cent) even match their purse to their mood or how they’re feeling.