Grace Soda Rebrands And Launches Interactive Contest

As we get closer to Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto (formally known as Caribana) brands are getting ready to take advantage of this weekend long festival that attracts visitors from around the globe.  Grace Soda, announced today the company has rebranded to Grace Famous Island Soda. As part of the rebranding the company has also launched a contest, beneath each cap of Grace Island Soda, consumers will find a message. Each message is different and written in Patois or Patwa, a distinct language used mainly by Jamaicans. Those that enjoy the 10 exciting flavours, can log on to to discover the meaning of the Patois sayings.

You also have an opportunity to create your own message, and one of Grace’s Jamaican Patois experts will select the 10 most worthy saying each month. A lucky winner will receive soda for a month.

Lucky Lankage President of Grace Kennedy Ontario said, “We at Grace Island Soda would like to share with fellow Canadians our language through some of the colourful and sometimes puzzling, yet, timeless sayings from the islands in Patois. We hope that some of these phrases and sayings will become popular in own daily usage in Canada. Like a bottle washed up on a sea shore, with a message tucked nicely inside, we invite you to open up your bottle of Island Soda and enjoy your gift in a message in your bottle.”

Summer is here!