AOL Canada Latest Content Play Targets Teens To Offer "Entertainment 2.0" Experience

As they continue to round out their online content offering in a number of different segments, AOL Canada announce a new partnership with online entertainment destination Cambio. Cambio defines itself as “entertainment 2.0” for teens, and offers fans a way to connect with their favourite celebrities and combines original programming, through exclusive videos, information and social interaction. The site was launched last July in the United States as a partnership between AOL, The Jonas Group and MGX Lab.

For AOL Canada, this is part of their premium content strategy , which includes Huffington Post making its way to Canada. Neutrogena recently launched their Canadian campaign “One Less Stress” with Cambio, and will feature video interviews with celebrities on topics that matter to them and on how they cope with stress in their busy lives.

“Neutrogena is proud to partner with Cambio to kick off our new ‘One Less Stress’ anti-acne campaign,” says Jason Betik, senior brand manager of Neutrogena. “One Less Stress’ is an initiative that inspires young women to share their thoughts and feelings about stress and the impact it can have on their skin. Celebrities are a very important key influencer in young women’s lives and collaborating with Cambio for this campaign is a perfect match.”