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Its All Cool And Refreshing At Le Club Perrier

As the weather starts to heat up Perrier wants to keep you cool and refreshed, they recently launched “Le Club Perrier,” a new, risqué interactive online experience for Canadian club goers. This new campaign simultaneously launched in in France, the US and Canada on June 7th, Le Club Perrier provides a never-before-seen online experiment that evolves based on viewership. The more viewers of the online video, the hotter the party becomes.

Using the Perrier YouTube Channel, viewers watch a female party goer walk through the club toward the stage. As viewer numbers rise, so too does the thermometer indicator and the action inside the club. Once a certain temperature is reached, a new video in the series of six is unlocked. Each new video sees the club scene change with more characters and more action, becoming a little more risqué as the temperature rises. On joining the scene, viewers can see all unlocked videos and share the link with friends in an effort to unlock the next.

This online experiment runs in parallel with Perrier’s TV ‘Melting’ campaign that runs from June 7 to September 4 and is also supported by online media, public relations and a dedicated Facebook tab. The international campaign was created by Ogilvy & Mather, France and the media buy in Canada was handled by Zenith Optimedia.