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CUNDARI Ventures North With Northern Ontario Tourism Assignment

Cundari’s latest assignment takes the creative agency to Northern Ontario as they help with the marketing and communications campaign that sets out to capture the imagination of prospective visitors and strengthen awareness among tourists of the Northeastern Ontario region. Partnering with the Ben Farella Group in North Bay, Ontario, for a regional perspective and deep understanding of the locale, Cundari has presented Northern Ontario in targeted mass media and launched tools to engage with potential visitors.

“We are absolutely delighted to work on a project that helps bring awareness and visitors to Northern Ontario,” said Ben Farella, President of The Ben Farella Group. “It has been a personal goal to help consolidate the communication efforts of our great many assets here in The North and really make an impact with our southern audiences.”

Part of the campaigns goals is to change the perceptions (mis-perceptions) that people have about Northern Ontario. Specifically, that it’s so far away with little going on there.

From the First Nations who were the first to honour this land, to the European explorers and prospectors who each brought with them their own historic storytelling traditions, the North is a land that has a very unique and authentic voice. By celebrating this voice we hoped to show to all those in the South how even the simplest activities, whether they be roasting marshmallows, cliff jumping or even watching a sunrise, have a greater spiritual significance amongst the rugged beauty of the North.

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