Bell Media Takes #2 Spot For Most Viewed Videos In Canada, Surpasses Facebook

Here’s a bit of a shocker…We all know that YouTube (owned by Google) is the number one destination online where video is consumed, and Facebook was the number two spot.  However, according to a press release that Bell Media just issued, they have taken the number two spot away from Facebook.

“Ranking up amongst the biggest online entities is a testament to the strength of Bell Media to compete not only as the #1 broadcaster in Canada, but as a powerful contender in the digital video marketplace,” said Gary Anderson, Head of Bell Media Digital. “This is very good news for our advertisers, and sets the watermark for media companies in Canada.”

According to comScore’s April 2011 ranking, Bell Media ranks #2 in Canada for videos viewed, and #3 time spent watching video online.

Top Video Properties by videos viewed, April 2011:

Google Sites
Bell Media
Microsoft Sites

Last month, video views to Bell Media sites totaled almost 120 million, with more than 8.8 million hours of video consumed.

Hey “Zuck”, its your move next, you might be on the cusp of 700,000 users, but Bell’s got your number…