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Schick Hydro Razors Trades A Smooth Face For Hard Cash With Hydro Face Contest

Premium razor Schick Hydro wants to give men across Canada an opportunity to earn some hard cold cash fast! They have launced Hydro Face Contest which consumers can upload a photo showing their smoothest Hydro Face and write a clever line relating to the theme of the week – all for a chance to win one of 14, $250 weekly prizes. In addition, weekly winners will be featured in the winner’s gallery for the duration of the contest.

“A picture may be worth a thousand words, but these images can also be worth $250. We want to see your smoothest look, the look you give the ladies when you want them to know you are interested!” says Josh Gardner, Schick Brand Manager, Energizer Canada. “So grab your webcam, upload an image of yourself from your computer, or select an image from one of your Facebook albums, anything counts along as it says smooth.”

How To Enter Hydro Face Contest

1. Visit
2. LIKE the page to unlock this special offer
3. Click on the Hydro Face section, and get ready to be creative!
4. Upload a photo of yourself– but not just any photo – make sure it screams smooth
5. Each week we’ll have a new question for our cool guy to answer – be funny, be quirky, and be clever!

“Schick Hydro users are spontaneous, savvy, constantly connected with friends and – above all else – dedicated to staying smooth. This contest allows them to show Canada what they have and teach their ways to fellow students of smooth,” says Gardner.

The Hydro Face Contest is part of a larger campaign called the 14 Day Challenge, which guarantees the best shave for your skin, or your money back! The 14 Day Challenge also gives consumers the opportunity to enter to win one of 14 trips to Las Vegas, or one of 14 Apple iPads.