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Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec Announces Top 10 Finalists

With the 2010 edition of Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec (CNTAE) behind us and the winners claiming their prize, CNTAE has announced the Top 10 finalists. Top 10 Teams and Finalists

  • Acadia University: Chase Ellestad
  • Laurentian University: Matthew Marcuccio and Patrick Barsalou
  • McMaster University: Ryan Martin and Brandon Greenspoon
  • McMaster University: Patricia Wozniak and Joanna Periversoff
  • Queens University: Michelle Yee and Ben Richards
  • St. Francis Xavier University and University of Victoria: Kelsey Cole and Paul King
  • Simon Fraser University: Isaiah Balderissa and Carolina Dubanik
  • University of Alberta: Michael Holmes and Maya Ciesznyka
  • University of Lethbridge: Brittany Miller and Amanda Miller
  • York University: Deven Dionisi and Kathryn Savoie

On Tuesday, March 29th the competition’s Top 10 will “pitch or perish” at the final presentations and awards gala in front of CNTAE’s industry expert judging panel. As part of the competition each team has created a comprehensive marketing campaign for the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. The winning entry will be partially used in Chevrolet’s marketing efforts later this year.

The CNTAE winners will receive two 2010 Chevrolet Sonics and prestigious internships with some of Canada’s top companies. All participating students and finalists will be considered for paid industry internships with partnering organizations and other companies.