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Videotron Executive Teases Audience With Plans To Dominate All Screen In Quebec

Manon Brouillette, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, Videotron was on hand at the Journée Infopresseconference in Montreal and couldn’t help be tease the audience with details of upcoming plans for Videotron and its plans to continue to dominate the Quebec market. Videotron currently offers a number of services from mobile, television, internet and video on demand service a market greater than 1,114,300 Québec households and organizations.

“The evolution of illico will provide our customers with a new, customized television experience,” said Manon Brouillette. “illico TV will boast optimized navigation and a new look, while still carrying the largest selection of triple-screen content, French-language content and high-definition content, all in an open-ended environment. illico TV will continue to support pause-and-resume on three screens, an innovation introduced by Videotron in late 2010, in a new navigation environment that is perfectly harmonized with the other platforms, namely illico web and illico mobile.”

Manon shared that users will should soon have a better experience which will include an updated search engine and navigation system that will allow for easier and faster access to its video on demand service. He also spoke about their illico web, which is currently being developed to mirror their illico TV. If plans succeed, illico web will offer close to 44 television channels, 45 all-music channels, 4,000 video on demand titles and the largest available selection of live channels.