CHUM Television gets a Joust of the New World Order

Let’s face it, to have a strong presence in any market with your product or service you have to be a disruptor. Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis will go down in the history book as that, first they brought us Kazaa which took file sharing by storm. Then shook up the world of VOIP with Skype which eBay purchased and now they are doing it again in the entertainment world with Joost. Joost will offer studios, cable stations and others distributors of high quality video over the Internet a faster way to distribute it through peer to peer technology. Maria Hale, Vice President, Business Development of CHUM Television has partnered with Joost to deliver Canadian music and pop culture stations such as MuchMusic, SPACE, FashionTelevision and CityLine.

JoostIf you are a fan of wrestling, yes, I admit I still watch a few minutes of it here and there, Hulk Hogan will probably try to make another come back. There was one team with the name of “New World Order” which Niklas and Janus have proved time and time again that they are are shaking things up where ever they go, so no wonder that CHUM has established this partnership to extend the reach of their program from beyond the Canadian borders. Roma Khanna, Senior Vice President, Content, CHUM Television has always been a visionary and someone who understands how leverage technology to provide business solutions and results. What will be interesting to see if the future of advertising on Joost, and will it be a platform that shares advertising revenue with it distribution partners?

Still in beta but so far the world has been impressed with Joost, and bloggers have been busy helping to seed other bloggers with invitations to try the service which has been released for both the PC and MAC platform (something many companies fail to do still today).