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Dove goes viral on YouTube

Thanks to the help of their advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather (Toronto) Unilever’s latest campaign “Dove Evolution” has generated enough viral buzz to give the video currently on YouTube (purchased by Google) over 1,7 million views. The video has become so popular it has also received mentions on TV talk shows such as Ellen and The View according to

Edelman PR firm has also been credited to the success of the buzz that has been developed around the campaign launch, I wonder if this is Steve Rubel’s handy work?

Are consumers in control of the message?

Do social media sites such as YouTube or MySpace take away from the control of a brand? Was the brand manager every really in control? After all, average consumer “Jane Smith” may not ever think to go to Dove’s microsite –
Kudos to Ogilvy Creative Directors Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, and Mark Wakefield, Director of Marketing, Skincare and Deodorants at Unilever Canada. The video was also picked up by Dove’s US marketing team which just goes to show that us “Canucks” know a thing or two about good marketing.

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